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Thursday, December 18, 2014

'got to get sharp' by myra anderson . . .

drawing by myra anderson
Katie Rogers
I've got work to do.  Right now my little studio space is in disarray.   My space is not as 'colorful' as the studio of 'francis bacon the artist' (see below) -  his studio has lots of shall we say 'personality'.  When I think about my little space, I know that I want it to somehow reflect 'cuteness' and artistry - much like the  photos you see here of artist katie rogers' space.   Hopefully I'll get it together and some good things will come out of my studio in 2015. . . we will see . . .
Katie Rogers - a lovely disarray
studio of francis bacon artist


  1. I want a cute bright studio yellow with my art hanging everywhere oh someday the bacon studio is way to messy for my a personality